An award-winning poet with 20 years of experience writing, performing and editing poetry, Ricky Ray was born in Florida and educated at Columbia University. He is the founding editor of the literary journal Rascal, and his poems have appeared in numerous periodicals and anthologies, including The American Scholar (blog), Fugue, One, Esque, Concis, Sixfold, Fourth & Sycamore, Fantastic Floridas, The Matador Review, Georgetown Review, Lodestone Journal, Young Ravens, Ink Sweat & Tears (UK), and Chorus: A Literary Mixtape

He has performed in various high-profile venues in New York City, including the Bowery Poetry Club and The Public Theater, and has appeared alongside such luminaries as Saul Williams and John Forte. His awards include the Fortnight Poetry Prize, the Ron McFarland Poetry Prize, a Whisper River Poetry Prize, and Katexic’s Cormac McCarthy Prize. He lives in Manhattan with his wife, three cats, and a Labradetter; their bed, like any good home of the heart, is frequently overcrowded.